StickyInstall (Theme Garden)

Docs: How to conveniently install StickyTheme

The installation of StickyTheme is super straight forward. Just go to the Tumblr Theme Garden and click on the install button. Done!


The theme comes with a lot of customization options built in. You can modify it to your heart's content.

StickyTheme is completely free, but I have added a few customizations for grabs if you want them.

You can see some of the options right here and you can also find them at Creative Market. Again, it's not THAT hard to make them yourself, but it might just be more convenient to go get them at Creative Market.

StickyOptions (Upgrade)

FocusTheme Header Fixed Title Justified Text Block

→ FocusTheme Preview

  • + Complete focus on text
  • + Stripped down version
  • + Narrower text field

→ Install FocusTheme

→ WriterTheme Preview

  • + Looks great /w background images
  • + Complete focus on text
  • + Narrower text field
→ Install WriterTheme
Post Meta WriterTheme Header Menu
TranspuHanspi Menu TranspiHanspi Header Sticky Menu

→ TranspiHanspi Preview

  • + Menu fixed to top
  • + Animated navbar menu
  • + Looks great /w image heavy blogs
→ Install TranspiHanspi

→ SlickTheme Preview

  • + Menu fixed to top
  • + Blog title in navbar menu
  • + Looks great /w image heavy blogs
→ Install SlickTheme
SlickTheme Header Sticky Menu

StickyFeatures (a little overview)

Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
Zoom Info
  • IT, DE, FR languages ready
  • Animate post meta/photosets
  • Animate navigation menu
  • Change style/sizing of avatars
  • Fix/unfix avatar to/from window
  • Fix/unfix blog title to/from window
  • Add border for images/avatars
  • Add rounded corners for images
  • Position captions by post type
  • Add/remove blog descriptions
  • Infinite scroll mode
  • Link your logo to another site
  • Add “RSS”/Random/Twitter link
  • Replace RSS with “Feedburner”
  • Add/remove “Newsletter” link
  • Add dividers to navbar links
  • Add facebook/twitter sharing
  • Position menu left/center/right
  • Style items in uppercase/lowercase
  • Add a colored (branding-) stripe
  • Remove theme credits in the footer
  • Add Twitter button to post
  • Change fonts/change font sizes
  • Add custom CSS to the theme
  • Add a link to an external stylesheet
  • Upload a custom post icon
  • Upload custom background
  • Upload logo/an avatar
  • Change avatar to female
  • Add email address to footer
  • Add Disqus/Analytics/Typekit
  • Add text to footer
  • Syntax highlighting by Prism.js
  • Search
  • Display Tweets
  • Display social profiles
  • Display likes

StickyFAQ (a-z)

Docs: Frequently asked questions

a) What is StickyTheme?

StickyTheme is a minimalist yet very flexible design for Tumblr. You can completely alter the theme to reflect your needs and wants. That's why there are a few layout options you can choose to start from. With a few clicks in your theme settings you can customize them to look just the way you want it to.

This Tumblr theme is good at making your content stand out. See more about what it does in the Features section.

b) Where can I get this theme?

You can get this theme here. right in the Tumblr Theme Garden.

c) Feature “X” or “Y” doesn’t work!

You have probably chosen or forgotten to untick a feature that defines an interfering theme property like “Navbar Fixed To Top” AND “Navbar Fixed To Bottom”.

d) I have uploaded a custom icon but it looks weird?

Make sure your custom icon fits within an image of 48px x 48px or else it will distort your beautiful icon a little and render it not-so-beautiful.

e) How can I translate “newsletter” or “XYZ”?

Most things in this theme translate into the Tumblr supported languages automatically. There might be some strings that are not that automattic or that you may want to change. In that case go into your theme settings and browse to “customize your blog”. There you’ll find a button which says Edit HTML. Click it and search for the phrase you would like to translate. Make sure it actually is the right string, translate, preview and save. Boom, your done!

f) Instagram activation

In order to get your latest Instagram images displayed on your blog you need to authenticate through Instagram. But don't worry, we'll have you set up in less than a minute. Just follow these steps:

You need to get something called the Instagram Access Token and → add it in your theme settings where it says Instagram Access Token.

Easy, right? → This link will take you there. Sign in and you will be given your Access Token and ready to go.

g) Anything Else?

Yes! I would like to thank those tireless open sourcers without who this theme would not have been possible, so check out Twitter Bootstrap, Paul Irish, Pixelunion, Desandro, @iamrickharris, @oscargodson, Lea Verou, Dan Eden, Jim Ramsden & Paul Bennet.

g) Questions?

Please direct your questions to @Twitter or here @Tumblr.